Lescovex DEX


Lescovex DEX

Manage your Ethereum tokens with the possibility of issuing financial contracts and trading them directly on a decentralized OTC market.

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Wallet to Wallet

Store your tokens in different wallets and exchange your digital assets. On Lescovex DEX users can store and exchange BTC, ETH and any Ethereum token.

Liquidity shared with the 0x protocol

Shared liquidity between all the exchanges that use the 0x protocol. The union of dozens of exchanges ensures the continuous flow of liquidity.

Smart Contracts creation

Issue your own contracts in three simple steps using the Lescovex standard contracts: Crypto Currencies (CYC), Income Smart Contract (ISC), Asset-Backed Tokens (ABT), Crypto Investment Fund (CIF).

Add your token to the exchange

Easily add an existing token to the exchange and start exchanging it with all the token markets listed on Lescovex Dex.

Distribution of profits to LSCX holders

Lescovex DEX distributes 50% of the profits of the fees generated by the transactions to all LSCX holders who have not moved their tokens in 90 days. Hold your LSCX tokens, and start receiving monthly payments.

100% Decentralized exchange

Users control their keys. The transactions in the exchange are made without the need of a trusted third party. Directly between buyer and seller.

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