Trading fee

The same fee applies to all markets for taker and maker traders: 0.2%.

The percentage of the fee is calculated from the base unit for the buyer and the quote unit for the seller.

The fees are applied for each trade.

There is no commission for placing orders.

Withdraw fee

Withdrawal fees for cryptocurrencies are regularly adjusted according to blockchain conditions.

CoinNameCategoryFeesMinimum withdraw
eurEURFiat15 EUR200 EUR
usdUSDFiat17.56 USD200 USD
cadCADFiat22.93 CAD200 CAD
gbpGBPFiat16.38 GBP150 GBP
chfCHFFiat31.52 CHF300 CHF
sekSEKFiat215.15 SEK2000 SEK
ronRONFiat10 RON200 RON
btcBTCCryptocurrency0.0005 BTC0.002 BTC
ethETHCryptocurrency0.005 ETH0.01 ETH
ltcLTCCryptocurrency0.001 LTC0.01 LTC
lscxLSCXToken0.1 LSCX10 LSCX
creaCREACryptocurrency0.01 CREA0.1 CREA
znxZNXToken10 ZNX20 ZNX
zecZECCryptocurrency0.0002 ZEC0.001 ZEC
dogeDOGECryptocurrency5 DOGE100 DOGE
dashDASHCryptocurrency0.005 DASH0.01 DASH
bchBCHCryptocurrency0.0001 BCH0.001 BCH
dgbDGBCryptocurrency0.1 DGB1 DGB