Token sale

The distribution of the Lescovex tokens [LCX] will be made in 78 days, from February 12 to April 19 and will consist of two phases.

1- Pre-sale 500,000 LCX from February 12 (12:00 am UTC) to February 28 (12:00 am UTC).

2- ICO 4.500.000 LCX from March 1 (12:00 am UTC) to April 19 (12:00 am UTC). This phase will have different bonuses that will decrease as the end date of the ICO approaches.

Token Price:

1 LCX = 0.01 ETH

The ICO has finished


  • 25% - February 12 12:00 am UTC until March 1 12:00 am UTC

  • 20% - March 1 12:00 am UTC until March 10 12:00 am UTC

  • 15% - March 10 12:00 am UTC until March 20 12:00 am UTC

  • 10% - March 20 12:00 am UTC until March 30 12:00 am UTC

  • 05% - March 30 12:00 am UTC until April 9 12:00 am UTC

  • April 9 12:00 am UTC until April 19 12:00 am UTC

The LCX Tokens are ERC-20 tokens and will be issued at the same time they are purchased.

The LCX tokens will be instantly credited to the owner of the wallet that has participated in the purchase. For each LCX purchased another LCX is issued whose ownership will be When the distributed 10,000,000 LCX is reached, the ICO will be finished.

The LCX tokens will be available to the crowdfunders but they can not be used until April 19 12:00 am UTC.

Instructions for Participation

1-Buy LCX to the contract of the ICO of Lescovex:

In order to participate in the LCX tokens distribution, contributors only should send their ETH to the address of the contract or use the Buy function in the Smart Contract for the distribution of LCX Ethereum tokens during the pre-sale and ICO periods. Participations with ETH are only possible and any other cryptocurrency won't be accepted by the contract.

Make sure you are accessing the contract from your user panel at or from this participation page. Any other contract shown on another website will not be considered valid for participation. Make sure you meet all the participation requirements before sending ETH.

2-Register at Lescovex:

It is important that participants are registered with an email and their personal data validated in order to unlock their tokens. At the same time you can receive all the updates and news related to the evolution of the project.


Compatible wallet:

Any compatible wallet can be used to participate in the distribution of tokens.

To be compatible, a wallet must meet the following criteria:

  • - Possibility of exporting your private key.

  • - Possibility of calling arbitrary contract methods.

Recommended wallets: METAMASK, MyEtherWallet and Ethereum Wallet.

Incompatible wallet:

Do not use an incompatible wallet.

There are many incompatible purses. Make sure your wallet meets the compatible wallet criteria before sending any ETH. It is known that the following wallets are incompatible wallets (This is not a complete list). Do not use any of the following purses to participate in the distribution of LCX tokens:

Any Bitcoin Exchange. any Ethereum Exchange, Bitfinex, Bittrex, Bitstamp,, Coinbase, Exodus, Jaxx, Kraken, Poloniex, Binance.

Smart contract of participation

The Ethereum address for the distribution of tokens is:


Do not send ETH from an Exchange.

If you send ETH to the LCX Token Distribution Contract from an Exchange account, your LCX tokens will be assigned to the Exchange ETH account and you may never receive or be able to recover your LCX tokens.

* You can read more details related to the risks of participation in the official participation document of the ICO of Lescovex LCX.

Ethereum Contract
Address Pre Sale