Olive Oil

In the area of Maestrazgo in Spain, they enjoy one of the best olive oils recognized worldwide. What is typical for its inhabitants, the daily consumption of this exquisite vegetable oil, is a luxury for the rest of the planet, the massification of the industry by Italy generates monopolies in Europe that control the price, maintaining and always harming the farmer and counting on the benefits in the financial or intermediary industry.

At lescovex you can produce your own brand of oil to sell it to the final consumer all over the world. Investors can invest in the transformation of the product and the platform to reach your products around the world, paying you what is the real market price and not the tax in the financial industry.

The use of flavorings such as mushrooms and truffles multiplies the value of the product for the final consumer, reaching values of $ 20 per 250 milliliters.

Olive Oil Price Evolution