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Join us and exchange your favorite cryptocurrencies and tokens in a fast and safe way.

Exchange the main cryptoactives with fiat currencies EUR, USD, CAD, GBP, CHF, SEK or RON, in a professional, simple and intuitive trading platform.

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Referral Program

Earn passive income easily thanks to the referral program.

Attract new users to the platform and earn a percentage of all the exchanges made by your group of referred users.


Blockchain Certification Authority

The BCA certificates offer:

Certification of tokens and businesses with government x509 certificates.

KYC pseudo anonymous with x509 certificates.

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Cryptoassets market

TokenPairLast Traded Price24h Change24h Low24h High24h Vol
BTC/EUR5600.00.0% btc
ETH/BTC0.0292470.0% eth
LTC/BTC0.0042680.0% ltc
LSCX/BTC8.888e-050.0% lscx
ZEC/BTC0.01800020.0% zec
DASH/BTC0.050.0% dash
BCH/BTC0.0810.0% bch
DGB/BTC2.46e-060.0% dgb
PYLNT/BTC0.0001150.0% pylnt
PROPS/BTC0.00.0% props
BTH/BTC0.00.0% bth
LTC/ETH0.144660.0% ltc
LSCX/ETH0.0040.0%0.0040.0040.0 lscx
DGB/ETH7.425e-050.0% dgb
BTH/ETH0.00.0% bth

Smart Contracts

Crypto Currencies (CYC)

Payment Token

Utility Token

Cryptocurrencies: Crypto currencies can be used as a store of value and medium of exchange as well as provide some functionalities such as access to web applications and other services

Income Smart Contract (ISC)

Equity Token

Debt Token

Income Smart-Contract (the one issued by us would be this one): This smart contract allow issuers the distribution of income by setting fixed or variable payments in Ether to token holders. Capital distributions are automatically executed provided some predefined contract specifications are met.

Asset-Backed Tokens (ABT)


Financial assets

Asset-Backed Token (ABT): represent digital ownership with respect to an underlying tangible, intangible or financial asset. Lescovex only considers for listing this type of tokens whose underlying assets are highly fungible, such as commodities and securities.

Crypto Investment Fund (CIF)



Crypto Investment Fund (CIF): CIFs may take the form of closed-end or open-end and whose underlying investments comprise digital assets of any kind. Smart contracts unleash efficiency improvements for investment funds operations, including fast and auditable capital calls and distributions alongside transparent, error-proof, Net Asset Value (NAV) calculations.

Lescovex security

Transport Layer Security

We only allow connections from modern browsers supporting TLS1.2, forward secrecy and at least 128 bit equivalent modern algorithms like AES-GCM, AES-CCM or CHACHA20-POLY1305. We prefer stronger ECDSA exchanges over RSA ones.

Security focused development

Our development processes have your security as one of its core values. We use best practices and standard recommendations to keep your data safe and to ensure we always stay up to date when securing your data.

Proactive HTTP Security

We make use of modern HTTP security headers in order to help your browser enforce security against some common attacks.

Encryption at rest and in transit

We encrypt all data at rest with AES-XTS and strong passwords. All our internal backend communications are secured using TLS1.2 with ECDSA and 128 bit AES-GCM and ECDH based forward secrecy and our internet based communications with 128 bit AES-CFB and RSA.

Internal code reviews and audits

We peer review all modifications to our code base. We audit our systems following the OWASP Testing Guide and have a cryptography expert audit our cryptographic choices. All this to ensure your data and our systems stay secure.

Continuous monitoring

We continuously monitor our systems to try detecting anomalous behaviour. We have a team able to respond to incidents 24/7 to mitigate any detected intrussions.


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