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Crypto Fiat

Join us and exchange your favorite cryptocurrencies and tokens in a fast and safe way.

Exchange the main cryptoactives with fiat currencies EUR, CNY, USD or MXN, in a professional, simple and intuitive trading platform.

Referral Program

Earn passive income in ETH thanks to the referral program.

Attract new users to the exchange and earn a percentage of all the exchanges made by your group of referred users.

Benefits and solutions


Lescovex offers direct access to the emerging universal market of the crypto economy. Businesses can finance growth opportunities with crowdsales, which radically avoids the harsh of conventional capital markets.


Lescovex brings a unique investment ecosystem with multiple cryptocurrencies, asset-backed tokens and digitalized securities which are tradable in multiple fiat currencies thanks to our partnership with Kantox.

Corporate Governance

From transparent voting systems to advanced capital distribution contracts, Lescovex has created innovative corporate governance smart contracts that have been audited by world-class Ethereum experts.

Asset Digitalization

Turning any asset into a digital equivalent enables the ease of trading and managing fractional ownership, increasing transparency and audibility while lowering transaction costs.

Creation in three steps

1- Describe your asset

Describe and Select the main features of your asset.

2- Define your smart contract

Create the conditions that define the features of your smart contract.

3- Publish and share

Publish your tokens and start distributing or exchanging them with other coins or digital assets.

Smart contracts

  • Crypto Currencies (CYC)

  • Payment Token

  • Utility Token

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Crypto currencies can be used as a store of value and medium of exchange as well as provide some functionalities such as access to web applications and other services. We contemplate crypto currencies as commodities. They are highly fungible and have no intrinsic value, so their value is driven by their utility and scarcity rather than a stream of cash flows.

  • Income Smart Contract (ISC)

  • Equity Token

  • Debt Token

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ISCs allow issuers the distribution of income by setting fixed or variable payments in Ether to token holders. Capital distributions are automatically executed provided some predefined contract specifications are met. Income Smart Contracts are classified as financial assets and may be analogous to conventional equity and debt instruments.

  • Asset-Backed Tokens (ABT)

  • Commodities

  • Financial assets

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ABTs represent digital ownership with respect to an underlying tangible, intangible or financial asset. Lescovex only considers for listing ABTs whose underlying assets are highly fungible, such as commodities and securities. To decide which asset class an ABT represents to we look at its underlying asset. If an ABT is “backed” by a commodity, we will consider it a commodity. Likewise, if an underlying is a security the ABT will undoubtedly be a financial asset.

  • Crypto Investment Fund

  • Closed-end

  • Open-end

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CIFs may take the form of closed-end or open-end and whose underlying investments comprise digital assets of any kind. Smart contracts unleash efficiency improvements for investment funds operations, including fast and auditable capital calls and distributions alongside transparent, error-proof, Net Asset Value (NAV) calculations. We label crypto investment funds as securities.

All you can do in LESCOVEX


Buy promotion spaces for your asset inside the platform.

Advisory services

Pay for advisory services for the creation of financial products.

Smart contracts management

Manage smart contracts on financial and governance agreements.

Road Map

  • Q1-2017

    Genesis of the Idea


    Technical conceptualization


    Alpha development of the exchange


    Beta platform development


    Creation of various smart contracts models and standards on financial products


    Tokens portfolios explorer and digital goods created in the platform


    Implementation of consulting services to create financial products

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