The ultimate platform for Buying & Selling raw materials

Lescovex offers an intermediary-free platform aimed at raw materials buyers and suppliers, making the adquistion process easier and cheapear than ever before.

The ultimate platform for Buying &
                                    Selling raw materials
Adapting raw materials to the digital world

Adapting raw materials
to the digital world

In an increasingly globalized world, it is imperative to remain competitive. Until now, raw material producers required intermediaries or employees specifically dedicated to attracting new customers. At Lescovex we have decided to simplify the process and adapt it to the new digital world. Through the use of blockchain smart contracts we allow suppliers to generate limited virtual units of their products and put them on sale to a wide range of buyers scattered around the world.

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Invest in Lescovex shares

Invest in Lescovex shares

Lescovex is a decentralized company, the tokenholders are shareholders of the company if they exchange their tokens for shares. Invest in the first crypto futures market. Where producers transform their products and manage their entire production and sale process.

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